Effective software isn't a product... It's a Service.

Active Computer serves clients as a partner in improving their operations and to meet their strategic and tactical goals year after year.  Active is known for solving  both operational and technical challenges for clients. We jump at  can't do challenges, often called on to make the desired solution a reality with clear communications and timely solutions. Our consultants work at all levels of client organizations.  In all that we do, Active Computer believes all clients should expect honest answers, high quality services, fast turnaround, commitments kept and budgets adhered to.

Active Computer has management consultants experienced addressing strategic planning as trusted advisors and catalysts for change.

Active Computer consultants deliver solutions in business, operations, IT and software infrastructures. 

Active's highly talented and experienced computer and software engineers develop custom applications, web sites with .net with small to many million record databases.

Active Computer has  produced or enhanced industry leading commercial software packages for software firms and service firm clients.  Active Computer has addressed several hundred client's management, operations, finance and IT needs since 1990.  We are always looking for the next challenge.

If you have a specific IT project, need software engineering support or management help consider filling out the brief set of questions on this page.  Active will review your needs and see if we are a good fit. 

Software as a Service

Since 1990 our letterhead has read  "Enterprise Software is a Service".  Active Computer has kept this mantra as a guiding principal.  Software as a Service is now an industry acronym for online software services where modules provide niche functionality consumed by other software to meet client needs.  Service oriented architectures combine software online services now into productive applications from multiple software service firms.  While our developers can create software as a pure .net service available for more customers to consume, Active is also engaged in the providing more conventional windows applications, web development and well proven applications.  Our focus is in empowering clients with the best possible new solutions leveraging the best technology in the industry. No matter what we provide, we still repeat our original guiding principal that "Enterprise Software is a Service".

Mission: Empower YOU

Consulting and Support to optimize your operations and sales.

Technology Service provided as if each client was our only client.

Advanced Enterprise Software of the highest quality with effective, flexible and intuitive design, all delivered at a reasonable cost.

Education to facilitate the effective and self reliant use of technology.

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